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Why Choose Us

Effective Sun Shading by design to prevent DIRECT SOLAR RADIATION (direct heat from sunlight).
Fast Delivery. We make sure you get your products on time.
Our product has direct benefits in terms of thermal comfort as well as reduced energy consumption.
Operable shutters aid in reducing electric bills during winter for heating and summer for cooling.
Proper design of shading devices also benefit the environment by ensuring materials are used OPTIMALLY. Therefore considerably less materials are wasted.
Lastly, our clients resources, in terms of financial investment, are put to good use.

Company Vision :

Our goal is be the #1 manufacturer in the Shutter, Louvre, and External Shading Industry while being a responsible company towards our natural environment & healthy living.

Company Mission:

To provide "GREEN " shading solutions through our comprehensive range of existing products & new products to be developed in the future. We aim to create healthy indoor or outdoor environments with sustainable products that require minimal maintenance, are durable and affordable. We are customer-focused and seek to be environmentally responsible, always.

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