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How to install blinds

Date: 2016-08-16 16:30:22Source: Pure Shutters
Measurement and shutters installed to ensure the overall effect of decoration
Design of sunlight
In order to ensure that the overall effect of the decoration design professionals please measure after all the best paint finish on the floor and walls of custom blinds, or by professionals to measure and reserve size during construction.
Frame size determines the size measurement
Measuring the width of the window frame from left to right width of the window, in the most wide size is suitable for the width of the frame.
Measuring the height of the window frame height from top to bottom, the window left, middle and right maximum size, it is framed for height.
The same method of measuring the inner frame size by measuring the size of the frame Adjustable Shutters
Window blinds enough to determine the depth of the blade free, different installation requirements window depth is not the same: the need to 8cm deep casement or fixed installation; in addition to considering products blade width should also be considered when the sliding layer installed product is installed, two general sliding vane activities need to ensure that the depth of 15cm, depth 10cm single fan needs; folding installation need to reserve 10cm depth.
Not the rule of the rectangular window
Window each measurement position in width or height difference of 5mm or less, will not affect the production and installation of blinds; if greater than 5mm is necessary on both sides of the window up and down or side to make up for Canadian wood windows irregular, mounted on wooden shutters; also You can select the plug-in installation, that is, according to the broadest and highest frame size of the hole to make a wooden frame, fixed to the outside of the hole walls, the shutters fixed to the wooden frame. If the window is cement, slate or other difficult louver structure needs to be done with the wood lining the walls fixed, then the product is installed on the wooden lining.
If a fixed manner to a fixed security blinds, window cleaning glass will cause inconvenience, generally do not choose fixed installation.
Flat open approach has good sealing characteristics, suitable for a small window or a single fan, two windows installation.
Push-pull method less space, suitable for installation in general window.
Folding fan adapted to do more windows open, the general make-ceiling windows or cut off when using.

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