PS 09 Louver DC motor


Model Number: PS WSA

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Multi window spindle actuator 24V DC electric motor suitable for electric shutter,electric ventilation louvers,electric blinds 
Product Description
PS 08 Louver Spindle
Applications of louver Spindle actuator:
Suitable for :
-  Commercial building adjustable blinds window
-  Schools blinds electric
-  Exhibition halls blinds glass
-  Industrial buildings electric window
-  Warehouses louvers aluminum
-  Blind blade
-  Electric blinds pvc
- Louver and blinds
- aluminum door with Electric motor
- Fire shutter
- Fire smoke exhaust shutter
- Generator room adjustable shutter
- Generator room ventilation blinds
- Rainproof broken bridge aluminum shutter
- Window fire shutters
- Warehouse electric ventilation blinds
- Sound proof shutters
- Sound proof blinds
- Electric Ventilation blinds
- Spindle actuator can be installed together with blind inside double glass window
- Motorised Shutters windows
- Window winder
Specifications :
Operating Voltage : 24V DC +/- 10%
Maximum Operating Current : 0.8A to 1.2A 
Reliability tests carried out : 30,000 cycles 
  • Type: Other
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: PURE SHUTTERS
  • Model Number: PS WSA
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Use: Skylights
  • Expiration Date: 2 years warranty
  • Operating Voltage: DC 24V
  • Maximum Operating Current: 0.4A to 1.2A
  • Force: 250N to 1500N
  • Stroke distance: 50 to 300mm
  • Speed: 6mm/sec
  • Ambient temperature: -20 to +75 Degrees Celcius
  • Accessories: Crank arm,Torque arm and connectors
  • Color: Natural Anodise or custom made colors
  • Actuator diameter: 36mm minimum or custom made sizes

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